Jp Barna Missing Leslie, Michigan, Marine Corp Veteran Goes Missing, Help Find

Jp Barna Missing – JP Barna, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, has not been seen or heard from in Leslie, Michigan, for some time now. In addition to leaving his mobile phone behind, he also left a letter to the effect that he “could be found at a bridge.” The name of the bridge, as well as the state, is unknown. His license plate is displayed on the flier showing that he is driving a silver Saturn Ion from the year 2007.

There is a missing persons report or a BOLO with the Michigan State Police that is now active on him. It is quite unlikely that he is carrying a firearm because he does not own any. He has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It was possible for the spouse to access JP’s Google Account and view his search history. Within the past week, JP had conducted searches for Grey Hound Bus Tickets and Royal Gorge in Colorado. Therefore, based on the note that says “you can find me at a bridge,” it is possible that he is currently located outside of the state.

Since the Leslie Police Department is only a part-time force and does not have a full-time officer, the family and I are doing everything that we can to help. Despite the fact that she has been calling them to provide them with updates, the resources will be redirected to find him because there is no location to ping. Keeping an eye out for JP, not only in Michigan but also now outside of the state, is something that we as a community can do.

One example of a resource that might need to be utilized is the alert for an endangered person; however, in order to make use of this resource, you will need to have a general direction or travel. Those individuals who have been added to the group or who are joining, and who have specifically searched for areas that contain bridges or in general, please post the location that you have searched. During the previous night, there were those that searched certain sections of Jackson County, the Dansville Area, and other prospective locations of interest.

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