Joseph Mueller Obituary, South Bend, Indiana, 11 Year Old Dies Of Leukemia – (2013 – 2024) Death Notice

Death: Joseph Mueller Obituary – The Heavenly Father received Joseph Joey Mueller after he returned home. When Joey, who was only 11 years old at the time, had his organs transplanted, he was able to provide the most wonderful present possible. Without a doubt, he is giggling and playing football with the angels in heaven, and he is most likely triumphing over Jesus in a game of Fortnite. His legacy and memory will endure, but in the meanwhile, his family must battle to figure out how to continue living without him. His legacy and memory will go on.

He is the middle child out of a total of five. It is now Joey’s responsibility to make things easier for his parents, his older brothers Isaac (14) and Jacob (12), his younger brother Daniel (8), and his younger sister Aliza (3). Not only does Joey leave behind his immediate family, but he also leaves behind his paternal grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a community of classmates, friends, teachers, and earthly angels who love him deeply.

Joey had a full life on this planet, although it was just eleven years long. When asked how old he was, he would frequently refer to himself as “eleveneen,” which was an attempt to push the boundaries of his age and to appear and sound a little bit older than he actually was. We are extremely sorry that we were not able to have enjoyed so many more years. During this interim period, we will pray that we may experience his presence and the Spirit in our lives on a daily basis.

Joey was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma, but over the summer of this past year, his condition relapsed and he was diagnosed with leukemia. During the latter two years of his life, he committed himself to the role of a brave and fearless fighter. Fighting, persevering, and serving as a model of unwavering faith and unwavering determination to the rest of the world by way of example. He had a brain injury as a result of the toxicity of the chemotherapy in October. This kind of thing is not wholly unusual, even among some of our friends who are warriors against cancer, despite the fact that it is rare.

Joey’s absolute favorite thing in the entire world, with the exception of his younger sister, was books. Over and over again, books and books! His habit was to hold a book in his hands for the majority of the time that he was awake on a daily basis. He would carry a book with him at all times, including while he ate, slept, played, and even watched movies. The library was one of his most cherished locations on the entire planet! When he went to the library, he would check out as many books as he could possible carry plus some more.

The following are some of his favorite books: Fable Haven, Dragon Watch, Candy Shop Wars, the Janitors Series, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Ranger’s Apprentice, BrotherBand, and so many others that we can’t even begin to scrape the surface of. In addition to that, he enjoyed reading long stacks of non-fiction books, the majority of which were about scientific trials and experiments. Reading was a gift that Joey was able to employ throughout his battle with cancer. It allowed him to divert his attention, get away from the hospital, and take his mind and body on journeys to locations that were far away from the medical facility.

Away from all of the challenging aspects of their lives.On the Saturday, April 7, 2024, at eleven o’clock in the morning, funeral services will be place at the West Point 1st Ward, which is located at 4383 West 300 North. A get-together of friends, relatives, and neighbors in honor of Joey will take place at the church on April 8, 2024, from five to eight o’clock in the evening, and on April 9, 2024, from 9:30 to 10:30 in the morning. Rest in peace in the West Point Cemetery.

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