John Buxton Death, Mold Flintshire, A Life Well-Remembered – Death Notice

Death: John Buxton Obituary Not Available – It was just brought to my attention that the legendary doorman John Buxton passed away just… Six feet eight inches tall and as soft as a motel pillow, he was the kind of person you would want standing behind you if you ever worked the door. He was a true buddy indeed. I hope you get some rest, you fucking legend… and the word “legend” is deserving of every other letter. A LEGEND While John was a child, he had a lot of fun constructing go-karts, also known as trollys, and racing them around the roads in his neighborhood.

Just like his father, he had a deep affection for trains and the railway, and the two of them were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ride The Flying Scotsman together. John, who was always a hard worker and an entrepreneur, kept a paper route throughout his entire school career. He would deliver papers in the morning and evening. This continued throughout the entire year.

John maintained his education and became proficient in the plumbing trade after completing the mandatory schooling he was required to complete. He traveled to London in 1975, and it was there that he would soon meet Marlene, who would later become his wife. It was on May 28th, 1977 in London, England that they tied the knot. Prior to settling down in the United States to raise their family, they lived in a variety of locations, including Sheffield, United Kingdom, and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Rosalee, Paul, Genevieve, Olivia, and John were the five children that John and Marlene welcomed into the world over the course of thirty years.

John always put in a lot of effort to provide for his family of seven, which included a large number of cats, by working full-time as a flooring installer. A significant portion of his career was spent operating his flooring business on his own, and he eventually handed the trade down to his sons. However, John was unable to remain idle for an extended period of time, and he would soon begin holding a part-time job at Menard’s while also keeping an at-home printing business.

He began working for Swanson’s Flooring later in his career and remained there until his retirement in the year 2020. At the end of the day, John’s greatest success and source of happiness in life was the fact that he was able to raise his five children and then pass on his love to his four grandkids. I could always count on him to provide a helping hand or provide some sound counsel on how to live one’s life when it was something that was required.

Additionally, John placed a high value on his family ties and historical roots in England, and he made it a point to visit his family there as frequently as possible. During their trip to England in November 2023, John and Marlene were able to pay a visit to his family and even had the opportunity to stay in the house where he had spent his childhood.

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