Nancy Gilgoff Obituary, Maui Hawaii, Honoring The Memory Of Nancy Gilgoff – Death Notice

Death: Nancy Gilgoff Obituary – It has been announced that Nancy Gilgoff, who was one of Pattabhi Jois’s earliest pupils and who was instrumental in spreading Ashtanga yoga from India to other parts of the world, has passed away. She passed away today, which is Saturday, March 23rd, 2024, according to the announcement. The wonderful island of Maui was the location where Nancy Gilgoff passed away.

She was a force of peace, a loving spirit, and a true lineage holder who had an impact on thousands of people all over the world personally, as well as on countless more who have investigated the pathways of yoga. It was not disclosed what caused the death. One of the many professors that many people have ever had, Nancy was certainly one of the most modest and generous of them all.

She was the first woman from the Western world to have the opportunity to study Ashtanga Yoga with Sri K. P. Jois in Mysore, India, in the year 1973. In spite of the fact that she never altered or contributed to what she was taught, she was entirely devoted to both her instructor and the practice. Rather than concentrating on her, the attention was consistently kept on the practice.

Another thing that Nancy has done is to participate in yoga with Baba Hare Das. In 1980, she began her Rinzai Zen practice, during which she studied with Denis Kelly, the founder of Mondo Zen School. Additionally, she has had the good fortune to participate in the Kalacharchara meditation with the Dalai Lama on two separate occasions. Phylis and Matthew Coleman, who reside on Salt Spring Island in Canada, were the ones who instructed Nancy in the Loving Kindness Meditation. This is one of the meditation techniques that Nancy engages in.

In addition to being devoid of discrimination, her message was replete with feelings of love and liberty. One might potentially learn her method from anyone. Throughout her whole life, Nancy would never, ever, ever put someone down simply because they did not conform to the norm. She was considered to be one of the true Yogis. In addition to her tremendous strength, Nancy exhibited a surprising balance of humility. In every way, she embodied the ideal. Some people place a higher value on personal development than they do on achieving success in the business sphere or receiving praise from the public. Click Here to visit GoFundMe

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