Dr Ann Whitfield Death, Honoring The Memory Of Dr Ann Whitfield

Death: Dr Ann Whitfield Obituary Not Available –Thinking about you and your family and sending you loads of love and heartfelt wishes, Ann. Our church family at St. Oswald’s will always consider you a member, beginning today and continuing forward. We will always consider you a member of our church family. The size of your heart is among the largest in the world, and in this day and age, you are a remarkable help to a great number of people.

RIP  extend my greetings from the Lord! With a great deal of sorrow, we are mourning the life of our dear friend Dr. Ann Whitfield, who went suddenly under mysterious circumstances today. Throughout her entire life, she was employed as a physician, and she was responsible for providing patients with medical care. In addition, she devoted a considerable amount of her time to providing her services as a volunteer to the church, St. Oswald’s congregation, as well as the community at large. It has been brought to our attention that a sizeable number of people in our country and all over the world were acquainted with her.

Throughout her entire life, Ann was a devout follower of the Christian faith. In addition to that, she was a licensed lay pastor and a reader, and via these roles, she was able to provide unselfish support and consolation to a significant number of people. At this time, we want her family and friends to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers, and we want them to know that we are thinking about and praying for them.

Prayer is that you, Ann, may be able to find peace and rest in the presence of our Lord forever. We pray that you will always be at peace with him. Regarding you, thankful. Her temperament was one of gentleness and kindness, and she never passed up an opportunity to spend time with the children that lived in our neighborhood. She was always willing to provide a helping hand. It is my sincere wish that her family receives my warmest thoughts.

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