Premier League refs’ chief backs Oliver on Liverpool penalty no-call

Howard Webb, the chief referee for the Premier League, argued that Michael Oliver did not make a mistake when he did not award Liverpool a penalty kick in the 98th minute of their match against Manchester City earlier this month. After Liverpool earned a late corner kick, the score was tied at 1-1. City’s Jérémy Doku played a bouncing ball inside the penalty area and caught Alexis Mac Alister in the chest. However, the referee did not award a penalty for the incident. While Webb was speaking on the usual VAR show that broadcasts the audio between the officials, he stated that whatever the decision was that was made on the field should have been upheld, and that the VAR, Stuart Attwell, was correct in not viewing it as a clear and apparent error.

“If the referee gives it on the field, it would have been a check complete by the VAR and equally, having not given it, it’s also check complete,” Webb explained to reporters. It is Michael Oliver who is heard to say that the balls that are in between two players are going together. This is not a ball that can be headed. When it comes to playing the ball, Doku elevates his foot, and he does manage to make contact with the ball. And yes, we are aware that there is some contact on Mac Allister as well, Mac Allister is coming into him, and Mac Allister is not really playing the ball either. It makes sense to me why there are conflicting opinions.

“I believe that it would have been checked thoroughly regardless of the outcome, as we would not have wanted to have to re-referee the gaming scenarios that are not really obvious, which is what we believe the VAR is for in this particular circumstance. The VAR does not intervene in the situation. In my opinion, that is the kind of thing that we would anticipate. The following is an additional statement made by Webb: “You want to know with clarity and certainty that you are making the right decision.” It is important to keep in mind that you may not always have access to sufficient information at the time to make that selection.

“It is very clear that Michael Oliver did not possess it in this circumstance. When the video assistant referee (VAR) checks things out, he or she does not perceive a clear and evident problem. You come across something that is highly subjective and, as a result, removes it from consideration. The feedback that we have received from individuals within the game indicates that this is a situation that is highly subjective and that there is a divided opinion regarding it. “So on that basis, the VAR, you know, working to that high threshold kind of followed the kind of the right course in not getting involved.”

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