Despite the fact that Trump asserts that he is worth several billion dollars, it is been stated that the majority of his wealth is invested in his various properties, including his buildings, golf clubs, and other holdings. The most current version of his financial statement that was made available to the general public revealed that he had around $294 million in cash or cash equivalents. This information was included in the statement. Nevertheless, due to the fact that it covers the fiscal year that will come to an end on June 30, 2021, this document is no longer relevant. Furthermore, it is one of the documents that Engoron asserted was a forgery due to the fact that it overstated the quantity of wealth that Trump held as well as the value of his properties.

After that, Trump has made approximately $187 million from the sale of the lease on his hotel in Washington, District of Columbia, as well as the rights to manage a golf club in New York City by selling the lease. Both of these transactions took place in the period that has passed after the event. On the other hand, it is not clear what his present monetary position is. During the course of his trial for civil fraud, he asserted that he has more than 400 million dollars in cash on hand; however, this figure has not been verified. Trump is also responsible for paying further legal fees.

He was ordered to pay $83.3 million for defaming the writer E. Jean Carroll, who had accused him of sexual assault, according to the verdict that was handed down by the jury in January. Carroll had accused him of sexual assault. As of the beginning of this month, Trump was able to secure a bond in the amount of $91.6 million in order to guarantee that verdict while he appeals it. According to statements made by Trump’s legal team, it would be impossible to generate revenue by selling some of Trump’s properties in a “fire sale.” This is because it would be impractical. This is because such low-key transactions would result in large losses that cannot be recovered. This is the reason why this occurrence has occurred.

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