As politics shift, there’s a new ‘Trumpiest’ neighborhood in Seattle

Over the course of several decades, the gated neighborhood of Broadmoor has served as the Republican stronghold of Seattle. In a city that is predominantly blue, the old-money country club that is located close to Madison Park has frequently been the sole voting precinct to vote red. In particular, this was the case during the time of Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, and Mitt Romney, prior to the MAGA movement consuming the Republican Party. However, during the presidential primaries that took place this past week, another neighborhood in Seattle unexpectedly became all Trumpy. As a result of this, it is possible that Broadmoor will soon be surpassed as the most conservative neighborhood in the city.

Both in terms of wealth, history, and demographic composition, the two communities couldn’t be more different from one another. It is safe to say that the Chinatown International District voted for Donald Trump with a significantly higher percentage of the vote than any other neighborhood in Seattle. According to the findings of a study conducted by Ben Anderstone, a political strategist in Seattle, the Chinatown ID was found to be the most Trumpiest neighborhood in the city.

After combining all of the votes that were cast for candidates in both parties and analyzing them according to neighborhood, it was determined that Trump was winning 32 percent of all of the votes that were cast in the CID. Donald Trump was leading the Republican primary in just one of its three precincts, which was the neighborhood surrounding the Uwajimaya grocery store between South King Street and South Dearborn. He received 95 votes, while his opponent, Nikki Haley, received only seven votes overall.
Only in one other neighborhood in Seattle, Broadmoor, did Trump garner more than fifteen percent of the vote. Haley, on the other hand, defeated Trump in that regard.

Joe Biden, the Democratic contender, continued to receive the most votes in every area in Seattle, despite the fact that the city is considered to be predominantly Democratic. But only in the CID did Biden receive a percentage of votes that was lower than fifty percent of the total votes cast in both party primary. Anderstone, who works for Progressive Strategies NW, a campaign consulting firm in Seattle that provides services to Democratic candidates, stated that the current situation in that region represents a significant shift from a few years ago.

Prior to the election of Donald Trump, the CID voted almost entirely Democratic, with only roughly 12 percent of the population voting Republican. Currently, it is more than three times that amount. When the votes for all Republican candidates are added together, the total number of votes for Republicans is approximately forty percent. It is not just the CID that is to blame: “Voters of color are beginning to vote Republican in numbers that are unusual.”

Due to the fact that votes are still being counted, these totals and percentages of votes are considered preliminary. For the reason that Anderstone’s precinct analysis is based on the ballots that were counted on election night, it is highly likely that the percentages may change. His limit for the CID ends at Interstate 5, and as a result, Little Saigon, which is located to the east, was not included.

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